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So we reached out to Dr Carl Bamlet, the creator of the groundbreaking new docu-series Food, Health & You and asked for a special 50% DISCOUNT off his entire program for our customers only.

Thankfully Dr Carl eventually agreed...

Food, Health & You is a Complete Health Implementation System that has helped 1000’s of people around the world

It addresses the most serious health conditions faced Today, such as:

  • Cancer

  • Auto-immune Disease

  • Dementia

  • Alzeimers

  • Type Two Diabetes

  • Weight Loss

Over 40 experts feature in the series with case studies testimonials, clearly showing what foods directly cause or reverse many chronic diseases, and more importantly how they do this.

Thanks to the valuable insights you’ll get from this series, you’ll be able to boost your immune system, improve your gut health, balance your hormones, optimize your metabolism, and so much more...

It’s one of the best resources for avoiding a range of health conditions many people face today using the incredible healing power of food.

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The Complete Health Transformation Program
(Please note this product is digital and the product images are representations only.)

The program contains over 12 hours of high quality video interviews with leading holistic doctors, naturopaths, scientists, researchers, and survivors.

It also comes with an extensive personal library of additional support material!

Here’s a quick overview:

Episode 1 - The Scary Truth About Sugar

Discover how sugar acts as a toxin in the body, wreaking havoc on the brain, organs, blood vessels, hormones and causes us to age at an accelerated rate.

Sugar has been proven to be more addictive than cocaine, and is responsible for a tidal wave of disease.

You’ll discover the reasons why type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart illness, dementia, and obesity can all be linked back to sugar…

Episode 2 - Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Most people exercise and starve themselves in hope of losing weight, only to put what little they might lose right back on weeks later.

In this episode you'll discover the 'Weight Loss Brain Hacks' that build a brain for weight loss, eliminating cravings.

If you've tried dieting, low carb, weight loss programs, paleo, keto and failed then this episode is for you.

Our food choices powerfully alter our hormones and brain chemistry driving us to overeat, like we're out of control of our own body.

In this episode you'll discover how to reverse these nasty biological forces and reset your metabolism for weight loss.

Episode 3 - The Truth About Diabetes

Type Two diabetes is a "man made" disease that can be completely turned around naturally.

Big Pharma want us to believe their pills are the best solution to high blood sugar, but this bandaid approach doesn't address the root cause and can come with nasty side effects.

Most people sabotage their metabolism every day, unknowingly consuming foods that cause hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, inflammation and ultimately type 2 diabetes.

The good news is this condition can be completely reversed with the right diet and lifestyle adjustments.

In this episode world class health experts reveal the natural anti-drug steps to beat diabetes.

Episode 4 - Gut Health

Poor gut health can lead to brain disorders, depression, immune supression, diabetes, food allergies and many more dangerous, if not deadly conditions.

Even more scary is poisonous toxins can leak across the gut into the blood and cause Cancer.

In this episode you'll learn about the gut microbiome and the latest science that shows how to support and healthy digestion.

You can use this knowledge to heal your body inside out, boost your energy levels, lift your brain fog, lose weight, and more.

In Episode 5 - Problems with Gluten

Every human on the planet has a problem with gluten, most just don't know it yet.

The wheat of today is nothing like what our ancestors ate. It has been genetically tampered with by greedy food and agricultural companies hungry for profit.

This modern 'wheat' contains gluten and other unnatural proteins that can wreak havoc on our digestion leading to a cascade of dangeorous illnesses.

In this episode you'll learn the truth about gluten and disease.

In Episode 6 - Cancer & Nutrition

Discover why cancer is like a plant and how our environment causes it to thrive, when we have a dangerously suppressed immune system un-able to defend us properly.

Nutrition plays a huge role in Cancer development and also supporting the body to recover.

Understand the importance of epigenetics and discover common causes of Cancer, why and how people develop it and more importantly what can you do to avoid it.

Episode 7 - Sleep, Toxins & Autoimmune

Autoimmune diseases are the fastest growing chronic illnesses on the planet today. Including Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Celiac, MS and many more!

We’ll help you negotiate your way through treatment options and learn how to manage these conditions - and even keep them at bay for good.

Finally, you’ll get the answers you need and stop your immune system from attacking you!

In Episode 8 - Fake Sweeteners Worse Than Sugar?

Artificial sweetners act like neuro toxins in the brain leading to hormonal imbalances linked to diabetes and obesity.

We’re living in a time where brightly-colored artificial food is cleverly designed to appeal to the senses - but offer ZERO nutrition.

Learn how to see through the clever marketing of so-called “health foods” before it’s too late.

Meet The Experts
The experts featuring in Food Health & You are some of the best holistic health practitioners in the world! You'll be learning from brightest minds that are true health pioneers in natural health!
Dr. Carl Bamlet
Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Dr Alan Christianson
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Dr Victoria Flight
General Medicine Practitioner, Nutrition Specialist
Samantha McSorley
Herbalist, Naturopath
Diane V Capaldi
Founder of Paleo Boss Lady
Dr Eric Wood
Naturopathic Physician
Dr Rodney Ford
Pediatrician, Assoc. Professor
Elora Harre
Founder of The Shrinking Violet
Dr. Carl Bamlet
Naturopathic Pharmacist
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PLUS... If you choose to take advantage of this special 50% discount offer for Food, Health & You...
You'll also receive 5 incredible bonuses for FREE
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Super Bonus #1
Exclusive access to FOUR ADDITIONAL MODULES from The Food, Health, & You Documentary Series

Each of these modules contain never-before-seen episodes from the docu-series PLUS comes with learning guides. Here’s what you'll learn:

Episode 9 – Is Soy Causing Sickness? Learn about the devastating effects soy can have on health. Dangerously disrupting natural hormonal balance - especially in children.

Episode 10 – Beating Inflammation & Joint Pain – without a shadow of a doubt inflammation is behind a huge number of chronic disease. Joint pain from conditions such as Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis being at the top of the list. In this episode you'll learn how to help the body have a healthy inflammatory response.

Episode 11– Exploring the Links Between Food & Depression – learn how specific foods act like medicine for the brain, helping rebuild healthy brain connections and guarding off the devastating effects of depression.

Episode 12 – Pharmaceuticals - The Health Heist of the Century – learn how the drug industry controls the flow of medical information that directly affects us all and escape this modern culture of health shortcuts and disease.

Super Bonus #2
The Food, Health, & You Companion Guides

To make sure you get the most out of this system, each module comes with a companion guide that highlights the most important points from each episode.

These guides also come with quizzes and exercises to help accelerate your learning.

You can look forward to losing weight faster, raising your energy levels to new heights and boosting your immune system even more!

Super Bonus #3
The Food, Health, & You Transformational Cookbook

To make sure you get the most out of this system, each module comes with a companion guide that highlights the most important points from each episode.

These guides also come with quizzes and exercises to help accelerate your learning.

You can look forward to losing weight faster, raising your energy levels to new heights and boosting your immune system even more!

Super Bonus #4
The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing

Not all food is made equal. Certain herbs, spices and extracts have incredible health promoting properties that most people today have no idea about.

Foods that offer cancer-fighting antioxidants, anti-inflammatory micronutrients, and much more!

Learn how to naturally heal your body, keep your hormones balanced, stabilize your blood sugar levels and allow your immune system to be the strongest it’s ever been in decades!

With over 50 pages of nutritional information, you’ll kickstart your new lifestyle sooner than you think!

Super Bonus #5
21 Day Meal Plan

The Food Health & You team has put together the ultimate guide to staying healthy for life.

This 21-day planner shows you precisely what to do, day in day out. All planned out for you.

Studies show that willpower is a finite resource, and it quickly gets depleted by all the decisions you make throughout the day. This bonus book removes the difficulty out of deciding what to eat.

We want to make it easier for you to commit a lifetime of healthy eating, and preparing your meals in advance is the BEST way to do that.

Stay on track even if you’ve had a long, stressful day and your willpower is next to ZERO. You’ll never have to default to ordering pizza or fast food ever again!

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Here’s a summary of the entire program and bonuses...
The Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System - all 8 Episodes
Four Additional Bonus Modules
Companion Guides
Transformational Cookbook (200 Recipes!)
Top 77 Superfoods Book
21 Day Meal Plan
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