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The Fast Track Road Map

The Fast Track Roadmap book covers FIVE VITAL AREAS of building a strong healthy cardiovascular system mapped out of 8 modules,

As you go through the program you'll know what to do each day, each week, with actionable tasks, checklists and goals in the precise order for maximum results.

You won't have to try and work anything out, 

You'll know what foods to prepare...

...when and what type of exercise to fit into your day...

After watching the core series you’ll already have a success plan mapped out for you.

And research clearly proves that people with an action plan succeed far more than people without one!

Bonus #1
Metabolic Reset Guide Books

You'll also get three additional bonus books as part of your fast track program...

...which address four CRUCIAL areas of health that have a HUGE impact on heart attack and stroke risk, which are:

High Blood Pressure
Stress Reduction
Poor Sleep
Finally Address the Root Cause

The Metabolic Reset guide books get straight to the root underlying cause of why diabetes, high blood pressure, poor sleep and stress develop and precisely how to prevent them happening.

They’re designed to work alongside the main docuseries you just purchased, but go a lot deeper, and provide additional support material and most importantly daily action plans.

It’s an organized personal library for you, saving you 100’s of hours of research and removing the guesswork.

Here's what you get...
Blood Pressure Decoded

You’ll learn the major underlying causes of high blood pressure and proven solutions for lowering it.

This guide contains detailed lists of all the foods and supplements proven to help reduce high blood pressure naturally.

Prescription drugs mask symptoms and are nothing more than bandaids, that come with potentially horrific side effects...

...although you might not feel them now, the effects can silently build up and lead to a serious health crisis down the track.

Now you can finally address the underlying cause naturally.

In episode 7 we cover the topic of high blood pressure, however this guide goes even deeper, providing actionable steps and checklists in a logical easy to follow action plan.

You'll discover...

  • Foods that are dangerously sabotaging your blood vessels - page 5
  • The potentially devastating effects of many blood pressure medications most people don't know - page 8
  • The incredible benefits of magnesium and the best sources of it - page 13
  • Unusual foods that are proven to lower blood pressure naturally - page 17
  • The ultimate blood pressure supplement guide - page 21
  • The little known but critical role of Vitamin C and why the wrong sources could do more harm than good - page 25
  • How to avoid dangerous calcium build ups that can cause blood vessels to turn into 'concrete' - page 26
  • The deadly effects of inflammation on blood pressure and how to stop it - page 27
  • The vital role of potassium and sodium balance - page 29
  • Why your dentist might be causing your high blood pressure - page 31
  • How sleep impacts blood pressure and 5 easy ways to improve it - page 33
  • The dangerous impact of stress and how to reverse it - page 35
  • How specific vitamins and minerals can turn BP down like a dial - page 38
  • And much more...
The Diabetes Solution

3 out of 4 diabetics die from heart attacks...

It's such an important topic that we need to go deep into it for our customers.

But here's the trap...

Most people think it's all about avoiding carbs and exercising, but that's not true.

All that does is cause people to get hungry and frustrated.

In this guide you'll learn the TRUE drivers of diabetes, such as inflammation from toxins and many other hidden causes most people are missing.

You'll discover how to help your body lower blood glucose without drugs and their nasty side effects...

Use the shopping guide and daily supplement plan, all laid out in logical actionable lists that are easy to follow and use.

You’ll discover:

  • The deadly link between diabetes and heart attacks - Page 1
  • 8 plant nutrients and their extraordinary effects on blood sugar - Page 3
  • Why diabetic medications are nothing but bandaids and could do more harm than good - Page 4
  • The power of an odd nutrient to regulate blood sugar - Page 5
  • 7 major drivers of insulin resistance most people aren’t aware of - Page 7
  • Understand the mechanism of how stress accelerates diabetes - Page 9
  • How inflammation can cause diabetes and the special herbs, foods and supplements that can switch it off Page 12
  • The Diabetic 'Food Hack' so you can eat like king yet have perfect insulin levels Page 13
  • The single deadlist food for exploding blood sugar - Page 16
  • How to detox your cells for reversing insulin resistance and diabetes - Page 19
  • Discover how fasting or time restricted eating is proven to help manage diabetes - Page 20
  • Learn the 'Sunshine' secret for improving blood sugar levels - Page 22
  • Four effortless exercise techniques to improve your blood sugar - Page 27
  • How statin drugs can cause diabetes - Page 31

And much more... - Page 31

Sleep, Stress & Health

If you struggle to sleep well and are exposed to even slight elevations in your stress, your heart attack and stroke risk could be in the red zone...

...when we sleep our blood vessels repair...

...however over time poor sleep is like a broken down car that can't get to the repair shop.

And if you add stress into the equation, it's like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Stress can cause our blood to get sticky, increasing the chances of a complete blockage in a major artery to the heart.

In order to fast track your journey to incredible sleep and overcome the destructive power of stress, we specifically developed this guide.

It provides an actionable easy to follow plan, with practical steps.

You’ll discover:

  • The stress sleep connection and the dangers of misunderstanding it - Page 1
  • 8 little known factors that destroy most peoples sleep - Page 3
  • The hidden symptoms of long-term chronic stress - Page 5
  • 7 drivers of stress that most people are unaware of - Page 7
  • How hormones and the adrenal gland powerfully effect sleep and stress - Page 10
  • Key dietary changes that have a profound effect on stress levels - Page 12
  • How stress breaks down our cardiovascular system - Page 21
  • 7 proven simple daily technique to lower stress quickly - Page 26
  • 9 powerful herbs for stress reduction - Page 29
  • And much more...
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