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Fred was doing everything right according to mainstream medicine…

He avoided fat, ate lots of whole grains, and was very active.

Yet one morning he awoke to stabbing pain in his chest, he could hardly breath.

Like many people Fred was totally caught by surprise.
No prior warning signs, no symptoms of feeling unwell... until bang, it struck out of the blue.
Fred was lucky to survive but his doctor said “you’re a ticking time bomb...”

The main arteries leading to Fred’s heart were almost completely blocked.

Haunting thoughts of all the family members that have already died from Heart Disease flooded his mind.

He didn’t want to die. He had so much to live for.

Fred could not accept this as his future.
He did some research and was shocked to hear stories of other people that had been placed on meds for cholesterol and blood pressure, yet still suffered heart attacks…

And some had horrific side effects, such as: brain damage, type 2 diabetes, liver toxicity, muscle aches that never went away even after stopping the medication…

Some even went on to need open heart surgery.

Fred was scared. He didn’t want to be another statistic.
He wanted to attack the causes
Some folks believe that just getting your cholesterol and blood pressure down with meds is the best way to avoid heart attacks and strokes.

But what you may not know is that roughly HALF the people that suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels!
Fred discovered there’s a better way…
He had already experienced success in treating other ailments he’d had over his life naturally with specific supplements and lifestyle shifts. 

He was determined to do it for Heart Disease too.

By using a specific protocol of supplements, making some crucial food swaps and other lifestyle changes, he shocked his doctor…

He dropped 20 pounds, was back doing weight training, had more energy, his cholesterol was normal, and he no longer needed heart surgery.

His doctor said he was no longer at high risk of heart attack or stroke.
Fred is one of 40+ former Heart Disease patients, doctors, nutritionists and other experts, who helped contribute to the core of the Heart Disease Code program.

To hear from him and others, and to discover the The REAL 9 Steps to Fighting & Preventing Heart Disease
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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. It’s referred to as the “Silent Killer” as the warning signs are often not picked up before it's too late.
1 person dies every 36 seconds in the US from Heart Disease.
It’s responsible for 1 in 4 deaths in America, that’s over 800,000 people every year.
According to the US CDC over 11% of adults over 20 years have high cholesterol…

...and nearly HALF the US population have high blood pressure, being a major cause of over 500,000 deaths each year.
Heart Disease is a major threat to health across the world and is rapidly getting worse.

6 Benefits of Having a Healthy Cardiovascular System

#1 Healthy Weight
When our blood chemistry is unbalanced, excess fat is stored around the abdomen.

What happens is the liver goes into overdrive to store fat within itself and also around our organs.

When our blood chemistry is balanced the liver can function normally and reduce this excess fat storage.
#2 Lower Blood Pressure
Our blood vessel are the highway for our blood to flow and do its job. 

However when weakened they can stiffen, crack and even burst. One common symptom is high blood pressure.

Healthy blood vessels however are strong and flexible, allowing for regular blood pressure avoiding spikes.
#3 Improved Cholesterol
Not all cholesterol is created equal. If it functions correctly it does wonders for the body.

However when damaged, it can clog up blood vessels.

By guiding your body with lifestyle adjustments, specific foods and botanicals, your cholesterol can function the way it's designed to and not cause problems.
#4 No Cravings
The key to controlling our cravings is found in the brain.

Common foods such as pasta, bread and cereals can cause a powerful additive loop in the brain driving us to eat more.

By eliminating these additive foods our brain regulates our hormones reducing food cravings.
#5 Balanced Blood Sugar
High blood sugar can lead to heart attacks, blindness and limb amputation to name a few.

However by making crucial food swaps and small lifestyle changes its possible balance blood sugar effectively.
#6 More Energy
When our blood chemistry is out of balance, the cells in our body can struggle to function properly.

Fatigue and energy crashes can be the outcome.

When our blood is healthy and flows freely we can restore energy and improve well being.
Heart Disease Can Often be Prevented
Hi, I’m Matt

Heart Disease has killed, crippled and destroyed the lives of many of my loved ones...

And I was next in line.

Through the years, I have watched my family members suffer with the terrible side effects of drugs for high blood pressure and cholesterol...

And I got tired of it. It's a heartbreaking experience that I don't want anyone to experience.

Unfortunately, for many of my loved ones, this message is too late...

But for others, it's not.

And that's why I'm writing this message to you right now…

I’ll be honest, up until just five years ago, my health was a mess…

I was overweight, suffered with severe brain fog, frequent headaches, high blood pressure, acid reflux, joint pain and more! Incredibly I actually thought I was leading a healthy lifestyle.

Afterall I ate wholegrains, took my medications daily, exercised…

...but I was far from healthy.

And with a long family history of heart disease it was always a concern for me.

Especially when I think back to when I was just 8 years old, when one of my friends lost his Dad to a massive heart attack.

This Husband and Father of three collapsed while watching a hockey game with his family!

...that day I promised myself if I ever have a family of my own I’ll never let that happen to me.

Sadly over the years I watched many of my own family members fall victim to Heart Disease.

But it got too close to home when my Mom started taking cholesterol lowering drugs.

I decided enough was enough, I wanted to find out the truth about Heart Disease.

I couldn’t bear the idea of losing my Mom to Heart Disease

And it made me think about my own life, my wife and children.

I spent 3 YEARS flying to different countries, talking to cardiologists, doctors, nutrition experts, heart disease survivors and more.

Is there something we can do to avoid heart disease naturally?

Why is it that some people claim fat isn’t bad for us after all?

Is lowering cholesterol with meds really the best approach?

Why do 50% of people that have heart attacks have normal cholesterol?

Surely there must be a better way!

Being a documentary filmmaker, I decided to make Heart Disease the topic of my next film.

I thought it would take 6 months…

Little did I know, that it would take me 3 YEARS of flying to different countries, talking to over 40 experts to get to the bottom of this.

And let me tell you what I uncovered was certainly not what I expected
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What Are the Signs of High Risk of Heart Disease
High blood pressure
Excess abdominal weight
Type 2 Diabetes
Unusually high cholesterol
Inflammatory conditions
Gum disease
Erectile dysfunction
High triglycerides
Sleep problems
I never expected this journey will take me three years...

But, the reason it took so long is because there is a HUGE amount of disinformation out there.

I soon realized that not all the experts agree that high cholesterol is actually bad. 

This shocked me, as I’d always thought high cholesterol and eating fat were the number one drivers of Heart Disease.

However the experts I interviewed showed me a mountain of science revealing that eating fat and cholesterol is not the major cause of Heart Disease.

One can have perfect cholesterol numbers, feel fine, and still suddenly drop dead from a heart attack! And it happens more often than most people realize.
Who Would Benefit From This Program
People with High Blood Pressure who want to get to the causes of why it's high in the first place rather than solely relying on medications.
People with Abnormal Cholesterol who want to support their body to maintain healthy cholesterol so they can minimise (and in some cases eliminate) their need for medications.
Those with a family history of Heart Disease that want to do everything they can to avoid suffering the same fate many of their loved ones have.
Type II Diabetics who want to learn how to naturally balance their blood sugar reducing their dependence on medications.
People struggling with their weight  who want to learn the truth about food addiction and how it drives overeating, while also learning how to break its power.
Those experiencing Erectile Dysfunction related to poor blood flow, that want to understand how to maintain healthy blood vessels.
By recognizing the signs of unstable blood sugar and understanding all the ways you can self manage blood sugar levels, it becomes possible to possibly reverse and prevent life threatening symptoms from unstable blood sugar.
There are many reasons our blood vessels start to break down and get blocked, but some of the more common ones are:
Diets High in Grains and Sugar
High Blood Pressure
Being Overweight
Abnormal Cholesterol
Food Addiction
Medication Side Effects
Eating Rancid Vegetable Oils
Type 2 Diabetes
Can Heart Disease Be Reversed?
Medically speaking Heart Disease is blocked arteries to the heart. But more generally it covers high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart attacks and strokes.

Although in some cases unblocking clogged arteries can happen with the right lifestyle adjustments, we really want to help the body to build healthy arteries with well balanced blood chemistry.

Regulate our blood pressure into the happy zone, where over time your doctor may consider whether you need medication at all.
Have healthy cholesterol that doesn’t get stuck in our arteries, and is at the right level for your body.
Have more energy. With healthy blood the body can be nourished and deliver nutrients to the cells allowing them to produce the energy we need.
Improved weight , while not feeling hungry all the time, yet still enjoying food, but without the addiction that can lead to obesity.
The great news is that all this and more has been heavily researched, and made easy for you right here.

Note: Getting to this level does not happen to everyone, results will vary, but when armed with the knowledge in this program, most people have the ability to dramatically improve their situation

Heart Disease Code Program
9 Steps to Fight & Prevent Heart Disease

When our cardiovascular system is healthy and working optimally the risk for heart attacks and strokes is reduced.

Furthermore the blood nourishes every organ and tissue of our bodies, and when it’s functioning the way it should we feel energized and can live long vibrant lives.

The good news is that it’s not as hard to achieve as most people think.

The Heart Disease Code is a powerful guide that is designed to help people fight and prevent Heart Disease, which includes high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, erectile dysfunction and more.

It not only provides valuable knowledge it also offers the reader tools needed to stay healthy.

PLUS Full access to The Untold Story of Heart Disease Docuseries

The Untold Story of Heart Disease is a documentary series containing interviews with over 40 natural health experts.

Packaged into 9 episodes and 10 stimulating hours of information it reveals the TRUE cause and natural solutions for fighting and preventing Heart Disease.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Improve Blood Pressure - learn the true underlying CAUSES of high blood pressure and alternative methods to fighting these symptoms naturally.

  • Healthy Cholesterol - learn why high cholesterol may not be bad afterall, and how its function is more important.

    We’re all unique, and you’ll discover how to guide your body to produce optimal cholesterol that your body actually requires.

  • Reduce Heart Attack Risk - you’ll learn what actually caused heart attacks (hint: it’s not what many people think) so you can slash your risk and live to your full potential.

  • Reduce Stroke Risk - learn to build flexible arteries that don’t burst causing strokes, by using herbs, natural food swaps, and blood vessel fortifying foods.

  • Fight Type 2 Diabetes - take advantage of alternative methods, natural food swaps, food pairings, in addition to conventional medicine. Arm yourself with the knowledge to make the best decisions, in order to fight the causes.

  • Weight Loss Management - Discover the dirty tricks greedy food manufacturers use to affect our brain chemistry, driving us to overeat foods that cause obesity and Heart Disease.

    Many people falsely believe that dieting and burning calories is the answer to weight loss, but as you're about to discover this is possibly the worst advice imaginable.

  • Help Poor Circulation - if the blood can't flow properly symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, numbness and pain can develop.  However with specific lifestyle many people are successful at reducing their symptoms.

    Note: Getting to this level does not happen to everyone, results will vary, but when armed with the knowledge in this program, most people have the ability to dramatically improve their situation.

Included In The Package:
Heart Healthy Cookbook

The Heart Healthy Cookbook is one of the most comprehensive and gourmet recipe books for healthy heart eating.

Our in-house chef will guide you to the ultimate diet to suit your personal needs all while protecting your cardiovascular system.

With over 50 easy to prepare delicious recipes, you’ll never struggle to choose a tasty dish to eat every night.

Untold Story of Heart Disease Companion Guides

In order to accelerate your progress, you’ll receive our amazing companion guides series.

These step-by-step guides, make sure nothing is missed and everything in the docuseries is crystal clear.

They contain episode recaps, notes, exercises, and quick quizzes.

Use them to support weight loss, gain energy, feel great, and fight disease.

The Top 50 Foods for Heart Health

Discover the top 50 foods for building a strong, robust cardiovascular system.

Learn about a unique plant extract that can fight high blood pressure and help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol…

..or a natural antioxidant that defends against free radicals that wreak havoc on your blood vessels.

Heart Health Supplement Guide

With 1000's of supplements to choose from it's almost impossible to know what's good and what's a waste of money.

On top of that, overdosing on supplements can be dangerous...

So we've compiled this special report that outlines the best natural health supplements for heart disease.

Save 100’s of hours of research, as we've read through clinical research papers and science journals to find these answers for you.

Heart Health Testing Guide

There are a lot of tests you can request from your doctor that accurately assess your heart disease risk. A simple lipid blood test is outdated.

Inside this report you'll find a list of modern testing that provides a great deal of detail about the health of your arteries.

Use this special report to have an informed discussion with your doctor about getting more advanced modern testing done, so you know your true risk.

Gut Health The Secret Source

Most people are never told about harmful bacteria that can leak across the gut wall and attack the heart.

A healthy gut can keep these killer bugs out...

...but thanks to GMO foods, and chemicals emulsifiers and additives in foods, along with pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals...

...our gut is under attack constantly, creating gaping holes in it, allowing harmful bacteria into our blood.

This can cause heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and blocked arteries.

In this bonus episode you’ll hear from gut health experts and learn about the “gut heart connection"

Additional Features
  • What 2 ingredients could be causing you to overeat without you even knowing?

    Neuroscientist Dr Susan Peirce-Thompson explains how two common foods create powerful addiction in the brain driving overeating, and how to break it.

    Could healthy whole Grains be driving Heart Disease?

    Bestselling author and cardiologist Dr William Davis explains how wholegrains cause a cascade of potentially disastrous events inside our blood vessels that can lead to heart attacks.

    Can a low fat diet increase your heart attack risk?

    Listen to dozens of experts explain how they believe eating saturated fat (meat, eggs etc..) does not cause heart disease.

    And how low fat alternatives could actually be the real cause!

  • Hate dragging yourself to the gym?

    Learn how exercise could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

    And how ‘rewiring’ your brain by eliminating addictive foods is the secret.

    Worried about your cholesterol?

    Listen to heart disease experts reveal scientific proof that high cholesterol is not always bad.

    While also discovering the secret to guiding your body to produce healthy cholesterol in balance with your body's needs.

    Want to know which foods are actually causing heart disease afterall?

    Learn why the notion of eating fat and cholesterol causing heart disease is heavily disputed by experts.

    We’ll show you what foods really cause blocked arteries and how to avoid them.

  • If your doctor has put you on blood pressure and cholesterol meds are you stuck paying high costs for ever-increasing amounts of these drugs?

    Medical professionals will explain it is possible to improve your condition so that you can come off medications overtime.

    Could fish oil be linked to heart disease?

    Lipid (fats) experts explain how certain fats found in fish and vegetable oils can be unstable and lead to damaged blocked arteries, potentially making things worse not better.

    Could Sunlight improve blood flow?

    We interviewed medical professionals who explained how sunlight affects blood vessels and could help improve circulation and reduce risk of blockages.

The Heart Disease Code Program

The Heart Disease Code Program provides you with the information and tools you need to help fight and prevent Heart Disease whilst enjoying delicious nutritionally packed foods and improving your quality of life.

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I know that taking the steps we suggest in this program will not only leave you feeling energised and healthier but will help you to prevent and fight heart disease. All the steps have been developed based on the latest research and have proven results.

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The Heart Disease Code Program

The Heart Disease Code Program provides people with a better way to live while enjoying incredibly appealing and nutritionally-packed food options in the process!

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The Heart Disease Code - Instant Online Access ONLY (Download to Computer)
Today's Price: $99.95
All orders are backed by our 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Here's what you'll receive: The Heart Disease Code Ebook, The Untold Story of Heart Disease 9-part docuseries, 9 companion guides, The Heart Healthy Cookbook, The Top 50 Foods For a Healthy Heart Ebook, Heart Health Supplementation Guide, Cardiovascular Testing Guide, The Gut Heart Connection.
In the early 1900’s heart disease was largely UNHEARD of

Generations before us enjoyed eating high fat, high cholesterol foods.

Yet Today 1 in 3 people in the US have high blood pressure...

Over 80 million American's take some form of cholesterol medication.

The good news is there are safe and effective natural alternatives to fighting and preventing all forms of Heart Disease. 

I’ve Discovered the Code to Fighting Heart Disease Naturally

I traveled across the world and filmed detailed interviews with dozens of heart health experts, such as doctors, cardiologists, naturopaths, chiropractors, scientists and patients. 

I met people like Fred who had dangerously clogged arteries, however his solution was not what you might think.

He who did NOT follow a low fat diet, nor did he take cholesterol meds. 

Instead he used interesting food swaps, potent botanicals, specific supplements, sunlight and avoided the foods that actually cause blocked arteries.

Many people I met became healthier than they had been before suffering from a heart attack or stroke.

You Might Find This Hard to Believe But…

Cutting fat out of your diet could make things a lot worse, here’s why…

For the past 5 decades the idea that cholesterol and a diet high in saturated fat CAUSES heart disease has been drummed into us all.

However low fat products often made with wheat, sugar and grains, such as bread, breakfast cereals and snack bars can lead to blocked arteries. 

When a person eats a few slices of wholewheat bread for example, a specific type of nasty cholesterol is created by your liver called “Small Dense LDL”. 

This small type of cholesterol can get damaged when in the blood, leading to it building up in arteries and blocking them.

Here’s what's so ironic about this though...

...high saturated fat foods like meat and eggs we’ve been told to avoid, do the opposite. 

When we consume them our cholesterol is large, fluffy and doesn’t clog up in our arteries.

In 2010 a VERY large study on 350,000 patients concluded that eating saturated fat does NOT increase the risk of heart disease.

This is just one example of dozens and dozens others, that I discovered and you’ll learn about in this program.

The good news is you can enjoy high fat, high cholesterol foods while fighting and preventing Heart Disease, you just need to know how to pair these foods correctly.

And low cholesterol is not always a good thing….

Some studies show that LOW brain cholesterol can cause depression, dementia and even Alzheimers...

...it's needed to make Vitamin D, and low levels of Vitamin D are seen in cancer patients.

And men need cholesterol to produce Testosterone...

...low levels can cause a rise in estrogen, leading to weight gain, hair loss and man boobs!

And in 2018 a study in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology looked at 1 million people and concluded LDL cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease.

Simply put, cholesterol is EXTREMELY important for life and messing with it can be dangerous.

You Won’t Find Anything This Complete About Heart Disease Anywhere

By now you might realize the cruel reality that if you don’t get high blood or cholesterol under control you could be running the risk of a major health crisis.

And if you’re relying on medications alone to artificially get them down, you could have that nagging feeling that you haven’t addressed the cause of why they were high in the first place.

Too many people are needlessly falling victim to heart attacks and strokes, kidney failure and erectile dysfunction and complications from high blood pressure.

These issues are robbing people of health and happiness, not to mention some of the best years of their lives.

Wouldn’t you prefer to take back your health and your life?

So let me ask you.

Wouldn’t you rather listen to experts that have spent their entire careers focusing on prevention and understand how to help the body heal?

Imagine how it would feel to have these heart disease reversing secrets in your hands.

What would your life look like – If the clock didn't rule it.

I know that you have a clear picture of what your life looks like with these heart-disease-fighting tools at your fingertips.

And what it will feel like to finally enjoy time with family, friends – grilling on the deck, fishing, camping, traveling – whatever you desire without restriction –

Knowing the best days are yet to come..

To share this with loved ones including your father, mother, children, grandchildren and close friends.

And make sure they do not head down the destructive path to heart disease.

That’s why I organized all these never-before-seen ultimate heart disease secrets into a simple DONE-FOR-YOU program.

Yes Matt, I Want to Get My Copy of Heart Disease Code Right Now

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The Heart Disease Code - Instant Online Access ONLY (Download to Computer)
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All orders are backed by our 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Here's what you'll receive: The Heart Disease Code Ebook, The Untold Story of Heart Disease 9-part docuseries, 9 companion guides, The Heart Healthy Cookbook, The Top 50 Foods For a Healthy Heart Ebook, Heart Health Supplementation Guide, Cardiovascular Testing Guide, The Gut Heart Connection.

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