Hello, I’m Matt Carter, and this is my story of uncovering the TRUE cause of Heart Disease. My motivation for doing so is simple…

...Heart Disease has destroyed my family. Nearly every member of my family has either died from a Heart Attack or Stroke, or has high blood pressure or cholesterol. 

And it's not just my family, being the leading cause of death worldwide Heart Disease affects us all.

When I was just a young boy its devastating effects were seared into my mind when my good friend's Father died instantly from a massive heart attack at a hockey game. He was only 46 years old and married with three kids.

I remember processing this tragedy as a boy and wondering how this could happen….

...and when my own family members were struck down from its deadly grip it became a major concern for me.

Over the years I vowed I would do something about it and went to College to study medicine and science in hope I could do something good with my life and really help people.

However it didn’t take me long to become disillusioned with the mainstream medical approach to health, so much so that I decided I didn’t want to be a doctor after all...

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that prescription meds have their place, however it seemed to me that there wasn’t much focus on lifestyle changes and prevention.

The emphasis was on the bandage and not on the solution.

When my Mom was placed on cholesterol meds for her slightly elevated cholesterol I became very concerned, as I’d already seen other family members have nasty side effects to these meds.

So I bought about a dozen books on the topic of Heart Disease. Some were quite good and informative, others were a little heavy going and dry, like my University textbooks.

The challenge was that everyone seemed to have an agenda. They were either totally against mainstream medicine and leaned towards being a conspiracy theorist, while others were stuck in their ways and only focussed on the prescription medical approach.

I’d already experienced healing myself from a chronic disease using natural lifestyle and dietary adjustments, so I knew this can work. My gut feeling is the answer surely must be somewhere in the middle.

When doing my research I uncovered hundreds of stories of people that had gone from being high risk for Heart Disease to making lifestyle changes that now meant they were no longer high risk and felt better than they had before.

Not only that, but what really stuck me the most was what I learned about the cause of Heart Attacks and Strokes. It’s been drummed into us all that eating too much fat and having high cholesterol is the problem...

However I learned of people that did everything their doctor told them to do for tens years, taking all the right cholesterol lowering medications, and eating a low fat diet, only to get worse and worse over time. That’s until they discovered that eating fat and cholesterol isn’t the actual cause afterall!

That’s right, it blew me away to think what we’ve been told about Heart Disease isn’t true.

However I found it frustrating that there wasn’t any one comprehensive resource on this topic I could send my family and friends to. The closest I could find was the occasional video on the topic that only scratched the surface but wasn’t enough.

This made me quite upset, as I knew my Mom and other people around the world in a similar position were not getting the real answers they need, given to them in a clear manner that’s easy to understand.

I needed to find out more about this, so I decided to travel the world to find the answers. I tracked down the best cardiologists, Doctors, Scientists and Researchers I could find on Heart Disease.

What I thought would be a three month project, turned out to take three years! As I interviewed more and more experts on Heart Disease the more hidden secrets I discovered that really startled me and led to even more research and further interviews.

I ended up creating a full documentary series from the interviews, called “The Untold Story of Heart Disease”.

I also created during that time period hundreds of Heart Healthy recipes, and a step-by-step guidebook to preventing and fighting Heart Disease, along with managing high blood pressure and cholesterol called “Heart Disease Code”.

Lowering your risk of Heart Disease leads to more energy, more sleep, higher feelings of happiness and is highly correlated with much longer lifespan. Not to mention that patients who manage their blood pressure and cholesterol due to lifestyle changes, quite often find they can reduce (and sometimes eliminate) their medication (never do this without a doctor running tests and being certain that this is the right thing to do).

Like I said the entire project took three years to complete, and ended up costing over $200K, but if it saves lives then it's worth every penny.

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